Thomas Lumley's Presentation at AGM Fri 23rd March:canterbury-statschat AGM.pptx

Thomas Lumley's Presentation at Mini Conference Sat 24th March:risk and relative risk.pptx

Barry Thomas's presentation - Y9 Algebra:

Barry Thomas Part 1 Reading and Writing Algebra Lesson Details.doc
Barry Thomas Patterns Lesson PP.ppt
Investigation Outline.doc
Investigation Results.ppt
By the Poolside Exercise.doc
Combining Similar Terms Using Multiples.doc
Leaping Frogs Exercise.doc
Tower of Brahma Exercise.doc
Valley Deep and Mountain High Exercise.doc

Raaz Sainudiin's Presentation - links to lots of websites: Links to websites at Raaz's session.docx

Stephen McConnachie's presentation: ICT in Maths classroom Create your own QR codes for hyperlinks on handouts or projector screen. Alternatively, shorten a URL with (like I did for my presentation link), then click "QR Code" to create one for that same URL. Several people were asking about the tablet I was using. CMA does not officially associate with any particular brand, but my (Stephen's) preference is for the 2Touch wireless slate that I was using at the mini-conference. It's solid and robust, very simple to set up (wireless USB dongle stored in a hole on the back of the tablet, plug-and-play), and can come with a software licence for the Workbook software that I was using in my presentation. If you want more info on the slates let me know. I also like their interactive whiteboards, give me a yell if you want to talk about that too! No I'm not on their payroll, I just like their products :)

Phil Wilson's Presentation: Access Through Narrative Phil Wilson.pdf