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Anna's plenary

Plenary resources

Session A

Junior probability - planning for learning
Grant Ritchie & Michelle Dalrymple
(Cashmere High School)

Preparing students for scholarship statisitcs
Dave Phillipps (Middleton Grange School)
Jeremy Brocklehurst (Lincoln High School)

2.9 Inference using NZGrapher & Chromebooks
Mark Planner (Rangiora High School)
Workshop resources

Session B
Working collaboratively - between students, between teachers, between schools
Building confidence to lead statistical conversations within the classroom
Kiri Dillon (Lincoln High School)
Michelle Dalrymple (Cashmere High School)

Interactive Distributions 3.14
Caitlin Ross (Rangiora High School)

Probability Distribution Models - choosing, using, justifying and making assumptions
Michael Meadowcroft (Geraldine High School)

Using data challenges to encourage statistical thinking
Anna Martin (University of Auckland)
Workshop resources

Should I use the mean of median?
Michael Wagener (Bayfield High School)

Session C

Level 2 Inference - teaching big ideas for understanding
Liam Smyth (Cashmere High School)

Evaluate Stats Reports at Level Three
Grant Ritchie (Cashmere High School)

Using the Islands to teach sampling
Nicola Petty (Statistics Learning Centre)

Session D

Developing statistical thinking at junior level
Dave Phillipps (Middleton Grange School)

Clarifying inferences at Level 3
Michelle Dalrymple (Cashmere High School)

Visualising chance: experiencing the underlying randomness in a Poisson process
Dr Stephanie Budgett (University of Auckland)