Here are links to some blog posts I referred to at various times:

The flipped classroom
What mathematics teachers need to know about statistics:
The choice of calculus or statistics (This might be useful to send parents to)
And an earlier post on the importance of statistics:
Should students calculate? (We talked about calculating means and standard deviations by hand)

Statistics Learning Centre

And finally here is how to get to our materials – the blog, the course and the videos:
You can get to it all from

Free access for teachers

Teachers may have free access by joining up using the enrolment key “teacher2013”.
There is a two step process for teachers to join:
  1. Join the site at . You will need to reply to an email to verify your address. You make up your own username and password. You may use your email address as your username if you wish.
  2. Log in to the same site using your new username and password. Then click on the NZStats 3 link. Sign onto the NZStats 3 Teacher enrolment. Use the code word “teacher2013” without the quotes, and you will be able to use all the facilities on NZStats 3.

School access

Statistics Learning Centre will allow full access to all students in year 13 statistics in the school at a cost of $10 plus GST per head. Teachers are permitted free access. Email us back for details on how to proceed.
You get the following for the remainder of 2013:
  • Access for enrolled students to all resources and activities in NZ Stat 3. This includes all seven internal and external Level 3 NCEA standards in Statistics.
  • A question and answer service on the Forum, with an expected response time of 24 hours or less.
  • Weekly reports to teachers on the activity and progress of students in their class. The exact details will be finalised with teachers.
Student access
Alternatively students may sign up at which will give them free access for a week. After that if they wish to continue using the resources, it will cost $28.50 including GST, which they pay individually through Paypal.
You could notify parents about this, which may lead to a greater uptake.

Resources for 2014

Statistics Learning Centre will be offering NZ Stats 3 and NZ Stats 2 (for Year 12 Statistics) in 2014. We will send out information about price in August 2013, in time for budgeting decisions.